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  1. Welcome to NLVC College Ministry! If today is your first time, please take a moment to fill out the information section of the bulletin and drop it in the offering basket.
  2. Come support our NLVC Bridge Winter Basketball League. The games are played at the small gym at 3:10pm & 4:10pm. 
  3. Join us for Friday Bible Study at P. Jacob's place. Dinner will start at 7:00pm. 
  4. SOLA Conference is coming up! The dates are from 4/20 - 4/21 (Fri-Sat). Please sign up with P. Jacob. 
  5. Children's Ministry is looking for volunteers to serve during Passion Week (3/26-3/28 Mon-Wed) for Celebration for Easter. 
  6. Homeless Outreach will be on Saturday, 3/10 from 9:00am-12:00pm. 
  7. We have free ESV bibles for those without a bible. If you would like one, please ask one of our ushers. 
  8. If you would like to grab lunch/dinner with him and ask questions about the bible or faith, feel free to give him a call.  
  9. If you know anyone looking for a church to attend but cannot attend worship due to ride issues, please notify one of the Servant Team members. 
  10. Please help us clean up after lunch and join us for lunch fellowship afterwards. 

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  • Esther Oh 2/5
  • Eric Kim 2/23
  • Jeny Ahn 2/23
  • Minji Song 2/24
  • Paul Kim 2/26


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